When your senior team is able to fully access its expertise and its collective competencies, success will follow and lead to accomplishments great and small. As leaders and guardians of organizational culture, your top team leads by example and creates a resilient foundation for others and their ability to collaborate effectively.

Senior leaders find themselves in challenging and complex work environments that are riddled with pressures, many beyond their control. Often there is a competition for resources and recognition, there is a pace and complexity that can contribute to feelings of pressure and disengagement. Often amidst these pressures, little forethought is given to strategies that enhance top team effectiveness and agility.

Our approach

Authentic and resilient top team leadership begins with each individual member’s ability to lead themselves.

When self-awareness is cultivated on an individual level, the team becomes enhanced towards a collective mind-set of openness and accountability rather than from a position of protection, blame, fear or ignorance.

The Leadership Matters approach to top team development is the culmination of the best of team coaching, psychometrics, leadership training and group facilitation. This holistic approach provides the opportunity to address the range of barriers that can prevent a team from reaching their full potential, while also specifically engaging leaders throughout the process to accelerate development and develop trust and commitment to the process.

With a facilitation style characterized by authenticity, curiosity and challenge, Leadership Matters works with top teams to build an inclusive, open and accountable environment where difficult conversations can be had, powerful relationships can be built and successes are enabled and celebrated. Team solutions can be customized to meet your needs and can draw on a powerful combination of tools and techniques to enable transformational change.

The benefits of top team coaching are:

  • Effective collaboration
  • Greater alignment
  • Strategy execution
  • Improved service
  • Retention of staff
  • Work-life balance