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It's not a lack of ideas, it's a lack of execution on the right ideas.

It isn't a lack of good ideas that kills the momentum of organizations but rather a failure to select and then execute on the right ideas. Too many ideas, too many agendas and too much internal chaos brings companies to a screeching halt.

We have worked with leadership teams of private and public organizations who are ready to eliminate the overwhelm, get unstuck and start growing again. This is about truth-telling, having real conversations that solve (not sugar-coat) and destroy the shiny object syndrome that is causing your organization to be "stuck in neutral", and even give you a third party "kick in the pants accountability" when things need to move along faster. Yes...it happens to even the best of us.

Who am I?

There are so many things that I love about my job. I love that every person, every organization and every meeting is different. I love that there's no set formula for leadership and organizational success. Every leader and every organization has their own journey.

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"More organizations die of indigestion than starvation"
- David Packard, HP