Groups and Teams

There isn't a one size fits all.

No organization deserves an approach that can be ordered on a menu. You and your employees deserve more than option A or B, because you are worth so much more than that.

People are complex beings, and groups are complexity multiplied. And teams who display trust, embrace differences, disagree and commit, and cultivate psychological safety are those that achieve great things and have fun in the process. In coaching teams and facilitating group initiatives, I use a combination of proven skills, targeted inquiry, preparation, patience, compassion, and an uncanny ability to turn a challenging moment into an “aha” experience. I believe that people learn best in positive environments, that participation by all is key, and that new ways of being motivate new—and better—ways of doing.

In working with both new and seasoned teams, I partner with boards, leaders and team members to untangle the challenges, assess opportunities, then customize a forward focused plan towards your stated goals. I question, listen, challenge and support you and your team the entire way as you create meaningful change for killer success.


I engage with boards and teams in single day onsite and virtual facilitated sessions, offsite gatherings, or multi-month projects which offers ongoing gatherings for team observation and facilitation of key initiatives.

Building on the challenges and opportunities you and your board or team faces, strategic engagements include:

Possible ways I can help your business:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance Reviews
  • Organizational Reviews
  • Group Facilitation
  • Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Team Coaching

Working togther we will:

  • Position your team for excellence
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your board
  • Build team trust, create a shared vision and nurture psychological safety
  • Reduce communication barriers and conflicts
  • Personalize dispute resolution by finding solutions that work for all parties
  • Eliminate silo mentalities
  • Conduct assessments to define and leverage style differences
  • Cultivate transparency, compassion and pride

Coffee? Wine? Zoom? Whatever works best you, works best for me!
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The growth of the businesses I work with is making a difference on their lives, their teams, and their organizations.

  • Action oriented strategic plans that won’t sit on a shelf collecting dust
  • Enhanced frameworks that drive good governance
  • Streamlined organizational structures with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Achievement of optimal performance and results
  • Enhanced communication, collaboration, and connection
  • Reduced conflict, confusion, and misalignment
  • Increased commitment and productivity
  • Happy and harmonious teams

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