What Others Say About Me

I swear there was no bribing behind these kind words.

I'm not one to talk about myself, but I know you're interested in seeing who I've worked with. Since confidentiality is very important in my line of work, most of the identity's of these amazing people have not been disclosed, but I hope the words still show you what I'm all about!
“I found Heather’s coaching approach to be very effective, particularly during a time of great change in our organization as we unrolled a five-year strategic plan that included restructuring and new processes.  It was a really great experience.”

Sara Napier
President and CEO, United Way Halifax
“Heather helped me develop new ways of connecting with those around me that helped my personal development and increased my comfort with my employees and peers.  She encouraged me to view difficult situations from different perspectives and that provided remarkable insights and brought a deeper understanding to the way I lead people and my own sense of accountability.”

Carla Alderson
Manager of Service Operations, Canada Games Centre
“Heather is our secret weapon for uncovering pain points for our company. Her ability to uncover what’s really going on through our pipeline of teams and operations and then help us as a board to problem solve in a way that only Heather can has turned into her being labeled as “our chaos whisperer”! Every board needs a Heather!”

Board Chair
Health Care Manufacturing
“Heather is without a doubt the most effective executive coach I have ever worked with. I am a completely different person than I was two years ago. She navigated my uncertainty with confidence, forced me to be vulnerable and honest with myself, break issues into boxes and do what needed to be done. Her ability to help executives will be a tremendous asset to those who partner with her and I can say with full confidence that working with Heather during this pivotal time in my career was invaluable”

“Our company had been successful despite ourselves. Despite the success, I was feeling very frustrated in our team’s ability to move forward, we just couldn’t get out of our own way. Heather helped me get clear in my head on what I wanted to do, and then in her work with our team, we were finally able to get up out of the weeds, uncover the issues that were holding us back and create a path forward”

Chief Financial Officer
“Heather is a skilled problem-solver and mediator. She has the unique, intuitive ability to understand the pivotal elements of complex interpersonal conflict situations and then fashion an agreement that contains the key elements to satisfy all parties”

Health & Research
“Heather has an uncanny and rare ability to get to the heart of the matter and separate the symptoms from the root cause”

Executive Vice-President & Partner
“Our board’s goal was to modernize our association. We needed a strategic plan to ensure we had a roadmap to get to where we wanted to be. Heather and her team did an excellent job of challenging our directors and key executives to address the brutal facts about our organization and industry. The process helped surface key threats and opportunities and plan specific action steps to address these. We are extremely pleased with our new strategy that will solidify our future success. Heather and team were instrumental in taking our strategic plan process to the next level”

Board Chair
Industry Association
“Heather masterfully took the participants through a set of concepts and exercises, all the while inviting questions, comments and points of view from the full group of engineers – a tough audience! Her ability to enthusiastically impart information, invite participation, and deliver the “aha” moments was top-notch."

Vice President
Research & Technology
“Heather is an exceptional listener. She hears what’s not being said and has a way where she can get to the core of any issue I bring to the table (often before I even realize what the issue is!). She has helped me find my voice, navigate strategies to deal with difficult people and be more direct with my feedback and stop sugar-coating things. As a strategic thinking partner and executive coach, Heather has been a tireless champion of my success”

Executive Director
Industry Association